The Whole Person has provided services to people with disabilities for over 45 years. We work to help people and their families to identify and implement resources appropriate to their situation. As a Center for Independent Living, or a CIL, we are a consumer-controlled, community-based, cross-disability, nonresidential private nonprofit agency that is designed and operated within a local community by individuals with disabilities and provides an array of independent living services. 

We are a Center for Independent Living (CIL)

Our Programs are FREE to all people with significant disabilities, such as those listed below

Amputation Arthritis Brain / Head Injury Cancer
Cardiac Conditions Cerebral Palsy Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Degenerative Disease
Diabetes Environmental Sensitivity Epilepsy Fibromyalgia
Hearing Disabilities HIV / AIDS Learning Disabilities Lupus
Mental Health Disabilities Multiple Chemical Muscular Dystrophy Multiple Sclerosis
Polio Renal Conditions Respiratory Conditions Sensory Sensitivity

Find the Services you Need

Be independent and take control of your life

The Whole Person is proud to provide services to the following

  • People with disabilities
  • Parents, spouses, siblings and significant others of people with disabilities
  • Businesses
  • Churches/religious organizations
  • Civic organizations
  • Hospitals, health organizations and the medical community
  • Local government agencies
  • Schools
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Veterans
  • Any individual or organization seeking assistance

Did you know?

A large percentage of The Whole Person are also people with a disability.

Come join a workplace that does not discriminate

Why work at The Whole Person?

  • Fantastic Benefits (PTO / Health / Dental / etc.)
  • Multiple community events
  • Friendly work environment
  • In-house Restaurant

The Whole Person offers the best Disability Services. Increase your ability to perform day-to-day activities. Reduce the need of support from family members, professional attendants or other care-giving services. Learn about The Whole Person services and how programs build the confidence of these individuals and improve the many skills they need to live, learn and work in the Kansas City metro community.

Executive Staff

A majority of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are people with significant disabilities.

Michael Soodjinda, Chief Executive Officer of The Whole Person

Michael Soodjinda

Chief Executive Officer

Deewayne Hord, Chief People Officer of The Whole Person

Deewayne Hord

Chief People Officer

Brandy Cooper, Director of Consumer Directed Services of The Whole Person

Brandy Cooper

Director of Consumer Directed Services