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Home and Community-Based Services

What Service is this?

HCBS in Kansas oversees the process of providing supports and services for people with disabilities in Kansas. With Participant-Direction, the participant or their representative has the right to hire, train, schedule, supervise and employ Personal Care Service Workers (PCSW) to work with the participant in their home and community.

Youth and Adult Services

What Service is this?

The Whole Person provides services that meet the transitional, educational, and social needs of youth with disabilities. The goal is to help youth with disabilities learn the independent living skills needed to make a successful transition into adulthood.

Motivated and Caring Staff

Our employees love to assist people and also to meet and befriend new people. You will find that they are calm and patient to your needs.

People being taught "I Love You" in Sign. The services at The Whole Person have kind and friendly employees

Transportation Services

What Service is this?

Never run late to an appointment with our Transportation Service. Our staff will safely drive you to your destination while also providing an affordable cost for your transport.

Live Life to the Fullest

Do not let life slow you down. The Whole Person is here to help. Your disability is empowering, and we’ll show you how.

People in the Deaf community celebrating an event

Employment Services

What Service is this?

The Whole Person provides several different employment services to people with all types of disabilities. The primary goal of these services is to assist individuals with obtaining and keeping meaningful employment. We focus on finding people integrated jobs in the community and matching employers with qualified candidates to create a diverse workforce.

Reliable and Effective

The Whole Person will ensure that you have a comfortable experience with our services

Man in wheelchair strolling under blossoming trees at the park. Take control of your life with the services offered at The Whole Person

Adaptive Sports

What Service is this?

The Whole Person’s Adaptive Sports Program is working with adaptive sports programs across the metro in order to provide diverse and inclusive play opportunities at competitive and recreational levels for people with disabilities living in the greater Kansas City area.

Additional Services Offered by The Whole Person

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