The Whole Person offers the opportunity to learn more about the Deaf community in Kansas City by providing workshops for businesses, groups and organizations in the Kansas City Metro Area.

The Whole Family Project

Communicate with your children

What service is this?

  • For children who are deaf, hard of hearing, and/or nonverbal
  • Learn ASL (American Sign Language) to speak with your children
  • Practice with qualified tutors to increase your confidence

Expand Your Horizons

Deaf Cultural Awareness Training

  • Up to 20 people can learn per session
  • 90 Minute course
  • Lead by Micki Keck and a Certified ASL Interpreter

Learn how to . . .

  • Discuss the unique culture and perspective of the Deaf community
  • Utilize a variety of methods to communicate effectively
  • Recognize and implement reasonable accommodations for employee success and customer access
  • Understand and utilize the various forms of telecommunication relay services
  • Identify additional communication technology and applications
  • Appropriately determine effective communication strategies

Basic ASL Workshop

  • Up to 20 people can learn per session
  • 75 Minute course
  • Lead by Micki Keck

What does this Workshop include?

  • Gain the ability to perform ASL
  • Learn how to sign specific words and phrases pertaining to your group
  • Finger spell your own name
  • Learn common expressions
  • Glean behavioral norms for communication