EmployAbilities is a three-stage, eight-week, comprehensive employment training program, created by The Whole Person. The program’s goal is to provide young job seekers (minimum age 18) living with a disability an opportunity to refine their working and job-seeking skill sets. While EmployAbilities will focus on training in the TWP Catering Kitchen, students will acquire skills that will serve them in any employment environment where they have an interest in working.

Job Prep Made Easy

Complete Training in 8 Weeks and 3 Stages!

  • For job seekers living with a Disability

  • Funded by Missouri VR
  • For job seekers age 18+

Find Your Stride with EmployAbilities

Partnered with The Whole Person Catering

The Whole Person Catering is a social enterprise sponsored by The Whole Person, a Missouri Center for Independent Living headquartered in Kansas City MO. We serve a gourmet menu of sandwiches, salads, sides, delicious desserts and beverages. The Whole Person Catering is staffed by participants in EmployAbilities, a comprehensive employment training program for job seekers living with a developmental disability administered by The Whole Person.


Preparing people with disabilities for competitive employment

– The Whole Person Catering