The Telecommunications Access Program (TAP), administered by the Missouri Assistive Technology Advisory Council, is a nationwide effort to provide free adaptive equipment to help individuals with all types of disabilities access basic home telecommunication services.


  • Have a Disability
  • Be a Missouri Resident
  • Have telephone service in your home
  • Annual adjusted income can NOT exceed $60,000 for an individual or an individual plus a second exemption, spouse or dependent

NOTE: For each additional dependent claimed, $5,000 can be added to the $60,000 base amount.

Get a home phone for FREE

Come see if you are qualified

What can the TAP provide you?

NOTE: The program can NOT provide devices such as hearing aids and augmentative communication devices.

The Phone will be yours to own

Reapply for a new phone every 4 years

NOTE: You will be responsible for repairs outside the provider’s terms as well as all miscellaneous supplies such as TTY paper, headsets and regular batteries.